Licensed FFL and CA DOJ Firearms Safety Instructor 


Hi, I’m Ed and here is a little history:

I was a small time gun dealer here in Orange County, in the late 1990’s, when I was in my late 20’s. It was a time when the Great Western was in its final years out in Pomona and gun shows were held at the Anaheim Stadium. When there were really great gun stores like B&E Guns(the best store ever!!!), Bumble Bee Sales, and smaller stores like KPG Guns in Anaheim (my friend Kay), Gold Coast Guns in Westminster (RIP Ben), and Evan worked his store and firing range (RIP Evan!!). I know there were many others that deserve credit so I apologize if I didn’t mention you.

Thinking back, things were much different. Ruger would not sell hi-caps to the public for their mini-14 because they felt the public didn’t need them. Bushmaster was a true military provider that was owned by Mr.Richard Dyke (now current day Windham Weaponry!!!). Eagle Arms/Armalite was owned by Mark Westrom and DPMS was still owned by Randy. The Federal Assault Weapons ban was in effect so here in CA we could sell fixed stock AR’s with a pistol grip and detachable 30 rd mags but with no flash suppressor, no threaded barrel, no bayonet lug, no forward grip, and either a permananently attached muzzle brake or a crowned muzzle. I’ve seen all these laws before and tell people don’t get excited about the latest AW ban for CA. We’ll find a way to get through it!!

I gave up my small gun business and my FFL(in good standing)in 2000 when the CA Assault weapons ban took effect along with the one handgun every 30 days. It put many of us out of business. At least in 2004 the Federal legislature was aware enough to realize the AW bans are innefective for crime reduction and aren’t worth renewing. Too bad Dianne (Feinstein) is so blind with ignorance or maybe just has a personal vendetta against firearms. You can be sure her bodyguards are very well armed. Hypocrite!!!!!

Back then I sold Bushmaster and Armalite Rifles. They were the best on the market!! Best quality and reliability, hands down. I sold handguns too but it was difficult to compete against B&E for handguns. Bob (The B of B&E) was awesome and he had lines of people buying from him at the shows.

Anyhow, I missed the gun business very much, so in 2015 I got my Federal and California licenses again.

Today, it’s different for sure. Bushmaster and DPMS have been purchased by Remington (Freedom Group?) Read the blogs out there, quality has suffered. It seems there are over a hundred AR builders nowadays with Armalite also having been sold. As far as AR”S go. I really like Windham. Unfortunately they aren’t selling a rifle to california this year.

I currently have a great selection of handguns along with selling gun powder, primers, and several shotguns and rifles. I am now going to be making and selling high quality cast bullets. I know I can make a quality bullet and sell it at a fair price. That’s actually my business plan in general. To have good prices, quality merchandise, and friendly service. Kind of a lost practice I think. Thank you for reading my story. Ed